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Holiday Schedule

Embassy and the Consulates will be closed to the public on the following official holidays:


January 1, Friday New Year's Day (A&I)
January 6, Wednesday Epiphany (I)
January 18, Third Monday

Martin Luther King's Birthday (A)

February 15, Third Monday Presidents' Day (A)
April 5, Monday Easter Monday (I)
April 25, Sunday* Anniversary of Liberation (I)
May 1, Saturday* Labor Day (I)
May 31, Last Monday Memorial Day (A)
June 2, Wednesday Foundation of the Italian Republic (I)
June 24, Thursday St. John's Day (I) (Florence only)
June 29, Tuesday St. Peter and St. Paul's Day (I) (Rome only)
July 4, Sunday** Independence Day (A)
August 15, Sunday* Assumption Day (I)
September 6, First Monday Labor Day (A)
September 19, Sunday* St. Gennaro's Day (I) (Naples only)
October 11, Second Monday Columbus Day (A)
November 1, Monday All Saints' Day (I)
November 11, Thursday Veterans' Day (A)
November 25, Fourth Thursday Thanksgiving Day (A)
December 7, Tuesday St. Ambrogio's Day (I) (Milan only)
December 8, Wednesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception (I)
December 25, Saturday*** Christmas Day (A&I)
December 26, Sunday* St. Stephen's Day (I)
January 1, 2011, Saturday**** New Year's Day (A&I)

Note: When an authorized American holiday falls on a Sunday, offices are closed the following Monday. When an American holiday falls on a Saturday, offices are closed the preceding Friday. This practice is not followed in the case of the Italian holidays.

** no other day off
*** Holiday Friday, December 24, 2010