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Holiday Schedule

Embassy and the Consulates will be closed to the public on the following official holidays:


January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
January 6
Monday Epiphany I
January 20
Monday Martin Luther King's Birthday U.S.
February 17
Monday President's Day U.S.
April 21
Monday Easter Monday
April 25
Friday Anniversary of Liberation
May 1 Thursday Labor Day I
May 26
Monday Memorial Day
June 2
Monday Foundation of the Italian Republic
June 24 Tuesday St. John's Day
I (Florence & Genoa only)
June 29 Sunday* St. Peter and St. Paul's Day
I (Rome only)
July 4
Friday Independence Day U.S.
July 15
Tuesday St. Rosalia Day I (Palermo only)
August 15 Friday Assumption Day I
September 1
Monday Labor Day
September 19
Friday St. Gennaro's Day
I (Naples only)
October 13 Monday Columbus Day U.S.
November 1
Saturday* All Saints' Day
November 11
Tuesday Veterans' Day
November 27
Thursday Thanksgiving Day U.S.
December 7
Sunday* St. Ambrogio's Day
I (Milan only)
December 8
Monday Feast of the Immaculate Conception I
December 25
Thursday Christmas Day
December 26 Friday St. Stephen's Day

Note: When an authorized American holiday falls on a Sunday, offices are closed the following Monday. When an American holiday falls on a Saturday, offices are closed the preceding Friday. This practice is not followed in the case of the Italian holidays.

* No other day off