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For American companies, the Italian market, among Europe’s largest, is attractive in numerous sectors and is an important element of any comprehensive export strategy in Europe.

At Mission Italy, the U.S. Commercial Service, the U.S. Office of Agricultural Affairs, the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation and the Economic Section work to promote the export of U.S. goods, services and technology in today’s global marketplace.

  • The U.S. Commercial Service is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration and assists U.S. companies exporting goods and services, and expanding their business opportunities in the Italian market. Our customized services include identifying market information and prospects, finding and vetting potential representatives and partners, and facilitating participation in Italian trade shows and events. We help level the playing field through project and market-access advocacy and business facilitation, and support SelectUSA activities that encourage job-creating Italian investment in the United States.
    The U.S. Commercial Service-Italy website is available at:
  • The Foreign Agricultural Service is a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and provides information and contacts for Italian buyers looking for U.S. agricultural genetics, bulk and processed commodities, food, and beverage products, market briefs to help U.S. firms enter and compete in the Italian market, promotional materials for U.S. products, a directory of American suppliers in Europe, and trade show assistance for U.S. suppliers. The Foreign Agriculture Service is also responsible for agricultural market intelligence via its Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN), international agricultural policy and trade issues, global agricultural issues, including food security and climate change, capacity building, and other assistance programs.
    The Foreign Agricultural Service-Italy website is available at:
  • The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) is responsible for the full range of defense cooperation activities in Italy. Chief among these activities is the support of bi-lateral armaments cooperation programs. Other activities include U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of defense articles, services and training. ODC serves as the link between the U.S. Department of Defense and the Italian Government. Italy has procured and continues to support many of its most important armaments systems through the assistance of the ODC.
    The Office of Defense Cooperation-Italy website is available at:
  • The Economic Section of the U.S. Department of State at Embassy Rome is responsible for monitoring and managing the full range of economic relations between the U.S. and Italy. The section interacts with the Italian government on bilateral and international economic policy issues; reports on developments in the Italian economy; facilitates U.S. exports to, and investment in, Italy; and provides advocacy on behalf of U.S. business operating in Italy.
    The Economic Section-Italy website is available at:

Contact Information

  • The U.S. Commercial Service

    American Embassy
    Via Vittorio Veneto 119/A
    00187 Rome, Italy
    Tel: (+39) 06 4674 2382
    Fax: (+39) 06 4674 2113

    Mailing Address from the United States
    (standard domestic postage):
    The U.S. Commercial Service
    American Embassy
    UNIT 9500, Box 30
    DPO, AE 09624-0030

    American Consulate General Milan
    Via Principe Amedeo 2
    20121 Milano, Italy
    Tel: (+39) 02 6268 8500
    Fax: (+39) 02 6596 561

    Office of Agricultural Affairs

    U.S. Embassy
    Office of Agricultural Affairs
    Via Vittorio Veneto, 119/A
    00187 Rome, Italy
    Tel: (+39) 06 4674 2396
    Fax: (+39) 06 4788 7008

    Office of Defense Cooperation

    American Embassy Rome
    Office of Defense Cooperation
    Via Sallustiana 49
    00187 Rome, Italy
    Tel: (+39) 06 4674 2641
    Fax: (+39) 06 4674 2611

    The Economic Section of the U.S. Department of State

    American Embassy Rome
    Economic Section
    Via Vittorio Veneto 119/A
    00187 Rome, Italy
    Tel: (+39) 06 4674 2107
    Fax: (+39) 06 4674 2663

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Intellectual Property Rights

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    The process through which new ideas are generated and successfully introduced in the marketplace — is a primary driver of U.S. economic growth and national competitiveness. Likewise, U.S. companies’ use of trademarks to distinguish their goods and services from those of competitors represents an additional support for innovation, enabling firms to capture market share, which contributes to growth in our economy. The granting and protection of intellectual property rights is vital to promoting innovation and creativity and is an essential element of our free-enterprise, market-based system. For more information follow this link:

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