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Additional Visa Pages


After December 31, 2015, there will be no more extra visa pages added to U.S. passports. Instead, 52-page passport books will be issued at no extra cost to U.S. citizens applying from outside the United States. Renew your passport early to make sure you have enough blank pages for visa stamps from other countries. Some require two blank pages for entry and exit. Please see for more information on entry, exit and foreign visa requirements.

If your passport’s visa pages are becoming full, but your passport is still valid and in good condition, you may apply for additional pages to be added to your passport at the appropriate Consular office in your district.

Note: If applying for children under 16,  a parent should sign the application form on behalf of the child. At the time of the application, the signing parent’s passport should also be submitted. The personal appearance of the minor and the two-parent consent are not required.

Please submit:

  • your valid ten- or five-year passport
  • completed form DS-4085 . Please ignore page one of the instruction pages, as it does not apply when applying for extra visa pages in Italy

SEE ALSO: Fees and forms of payment

Passport Services

After you have completed and printed out the appropriate application form listed above, please schedule your appointment at the U.S. Embassy or one of the Consulates General.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not come to your scheduled appointment with your completed forms, you may have to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

To schedule a passport appointment in Rome, click here
To schedule a passport appointment in Florence, click here
To schedule a passport appointment in Naples, click here
To schedule a passport appointment in Milan, click here