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Notarial Services

A U.S. Consul acts as a Notary Public abroad, notarizing affidavits, powers of attorney, acknowledgments and other legal documents to be used in the U.S. only. The signature of a U.S. Consul is not recognized in Italy, and has no legal validity outside the United States, with the exception of the Nulla Osta for marriages (see the " Getting Married " webpage). Documents to be notarized must be written in English. You may have a lawyer prepare these documents for you or you may prepare them yourself, downloading the attached samples. If you decide to use one of these samples, please fill it out in advance, but do not sign it until you are in front of the American Consul. In addition, do not complete the bottom part related to the American Consul who will notarize the document.

  • If you need an affidavit or sworn statement under your signature to be notarized, you can download and use this model: Affidavit (PDF, 6kb)
  • If you need an affidavit of translation of another document, you can download and use this model: Affidavit of Translation (PDF, 60kb)
  • If you need a Power of Attorney, you can download and use this model: Power of Attorney (PDF, 8kb)
  • If you need a certified copy of your passport, bring in the passport and a photocopy of the biographic information page.

Note: Adobe Reader is required to view these items. You can download it from the Adobe website.

Please note:

  • The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit does not provide a service for certifying true copies of original documents including translations of academic credentials, college transcripts or diplomas.
  • The ACS Unit cannot assemble your documents for you or provide legal advice on their use.   Please bring your documents fully assembled and ready for notarization.
  • The ACS Unit staff cannot serve as witnesses, so if your document requires witnesses, please ensure that you come to your appointment with your own (along with their proof of identity). Please send an e-mail to the appropriate office in your consular district with the names (first and last) of any individuals who will accompany you as your witnesses.
  • The ACS Unit cannot translate documents or certify the correctness of a translation.
  • If you intend to notarize a document in your corporate capacity (e.g., as President, Treasurer, etc. of a company), please bring proof of your authorization to sign on behalf of a corporate entity.
  • U.S. consular officers are not authorized to provide a signature guarantee/medallion guarantee service.  Only a financial institution participating in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) medallion signature program is authorized to affix a medallion imprint. No other form of signature verification can be accepted to transfer securities.  For further details, please see

Notarial services are performed only by appointment.

To schedule a notarial appointment in Rome, click here
To schedule a notarial appointment in Naples, click here
To schedule a notarial appointment in Florence, click here
To schedule a notarial appointment in Milan, click here

Please be sure to make an individual appointment for each person signing documents.

Please bring:

  • A valid passport or any other form of ID issued by a government agency
  • $50.00 or the equivalent in Euro for each signature/seal; Major credit cards are accepted.
    Please note: As Italian banks will not/not accept foreign currency which is mutilated, discolored, decomposed, disintegrated, badly soiled or defaced (containing words, signs, symbols and drawings deliberately on the surface), we cannot accept such banknotes.

Hague Apostille Convention of 1961

Official documents that are issued in a Country and must be used abroad (e.g. an American birth certificate to be used in Italy) need to be legalized or "authenticated" by the appropriate authorities in the originating Country to prove that the document was issued by a competent official and that is genuine and not fraudulent.

Since the U.S. and Italy are part of the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961, Hague Apostille Convention of 1961 , both Countries will accept an Apostille stamp on the certificate or official document concerned, as proof of legalization.

Apostille stamps on documents originating in a U.S. State will be placed by the respective Secretary of State. To find the addresses of Secretaries of State and more detailed instructions on the procedure to follow, please click on the following useful links:

Apostille stamps on documents originating in Italy will be placed by:

  • Prefettura, Legalization Office for vital statistics records (i.e. Birth, Death, Marriage certificates) A complete list of Prefettura offices is available at Prefettura offices in Italy


  • Procura della Repubblica (Tribunal), Legalization Office for judicial certificates and documents signed by an Italian notary public (i.e. criminal records, divorce decrees, last will and testaments). A complete list of Procure della Repubblica offices is available at Procure della Repubblica presso i Tribunali

Servizi Notarili in italiano

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